Important data regarding our observing sessions:

Duration: two hours. You can drive to Izaña by yourself by using your own vehicle, as the access to the site is quite easy. Exact times as well as next possible days will particularly depend on the season as well as on the respective phase of the moon. Participating groups are of at most 10 persons, and the participants will be decided according to the moment the bookings had taken place. Projected sessions may be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions; in such cases the programmed participants are informed by phone or by email as soon as possible.

Our next dates

You will find information regarding our next observation dates as well as the astronomic objects to be observed, on our    >THIS MONTH< section. 

There are two ways in order to reserve a participation::

=  By calling the following phone and WhatsApp number:

(0034) 679533220   .

=  By sending an email, while indicating, at least, your name and phone number to:

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