STARS OBSERVATION is observing a number of very interesting astronomic objects through a telescope with a wide opening (250 mm), and which disposes of an automatic positioning (GOTO) system.

It is an open-air event and takes place in small groups (of not more than 12 people).

The place of observation is Izaña. Near to the observatorium of Tenerife, which the Canarian Astrophysic Institute (I.A.C.) owns. This place is situated at more than 2000 meters above sea level. It has a sky, that is nearly always free of clouds and nearly without any artificial light.

STARS OBSEVATION is a company which is assotiated to the Society for the External Promition of Tenerife (SPET). Concretely within its section Natural Tenerife. As well, we are assotiated to the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism (CIT) of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

There are two modalities:

* Observation of the Cosmos This event is taking place approximately within the last moon quarter period. In this case, we observe a group of outstanding celestial bodies. The selection of these objects (a total of 20, each of them carefully selected) is formerly being programmed on the telescope, which searches them automatically and very quickly on the sky.


The objects to be observed are being classified in types, to the participating persons we explain each one of those different types (for example the planetarian nebulous) and as example, we observe the two or three most relevant objects of each type, which can be observed at the sky during the night of the event. We look at them through the telescope and, at the laptop’s display, we get explained the most significant data of each one of them (their distance, their discoverer and the moment of their discovery, etc…..)

The event finishes with explanations and illustrations on our laptop. (if you wish so, you can realize a reservation here)


* Moon observation: This event is being realized on a weekend per month. On Friday and Saturday, whenever these days are nearest to the first moon quarter, we observe our satellite with all details, and we add to the observation more informations about the most characteristic elements of its surface. We comment as well the most recent theories related to the moon’s origin and the reason of its uneven aspect. Beside the moon, we observe those planets which are visible at that moment, as well as some other object which are sufficiently luminous.


This event is also being complemented with information about each one of the objects, while being illustrated at our laptop. (if you wish so, you can realize a reservation here)


It is very important to take warm clothes with you:

In order not to get cold, I recommend to use warm clothes according to the following recommendations, they might seem exaggerated, but it is better to take too much warm clothes and possibly not to need them, as to get too cold without needing to.

Please consider that the observation takes place in the outside, and takes about two hours, while the temperatures, at the end, use to be of between 5 and 10 Celcius degress, depending on the season. Our recommendations are only to keep you comfortably and to avoid getting cold.


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